How do I use Keywords to filter for products or updates?


Keywords can be used in both Analysis and Visual Merchandising to search for specific products, trends, silhouettes, fabrications, web or email copy, and more. For example, you can use keywords to lookup a specific brand's product (ex. a certain sneaker model), to look more broadly for a specific product attribute (ex. faux leather), or to search for a specific promotion on a site homepage (ex. "back to school sale").

To add a keyword to your workbook, click into the Keywords filter and type your desired word into the +Include bar, then click Add. 



By default, keyword searches follow ‘OR’ logic. e.g. if you search for Christmas, and then add another keyword to your workbook e.g. Santa, it will return any documents that mention Christmas OR mention Santa.

Note: You can only add a maximum of 100 keywords at a time in one workbook, however less is always more! The more products you can capture with a single keyword, the quicker your workbook will be able to load and process the request. If you need any assistance with Keywords, please reach out to


In Visual Merchandising, any keywords you search will be highlighted with a yellow bar on the captured update to easily identify where the word appears on the page.

Screen Shot 2023-08-03 at 12.19.35 AM

In Analysis, you can also exclude products that contain certain keywords. Adding any terms into the +Include or -Exclude bars will either include or exclude products or updates with those terms regardless of where they are found on the page. 

If you would like to search for a term within a specific section of the product page, you can do this by adding that term into the Name, Description, Care & Composition & Offers & Promotional Info bars of the keywords filter. 

Note: If you're using the Search Within tool, you can only add ONE keyword into each section here.

If you need to make any amendments to the keywords you’ve applied, you can do so by simply clicking the keyword, then making any changes needed:


MA Keyword edits


What is Stemming?

Keyword searching in EDITED follows “stemming” logic to ensure all variations of a word are captured, promoting more accurate and comprehensive results.

  • For example, searching the Keyword “strap” would return results where either “strap,” “straps,” or “strapped” are found
  • Likewise, a search for "coated" would return results where "coat" is found

When searching for a phrase (by using quotation marks) this reduces the impact of stemming, as phrases are much more likely to have a singular equivalent (e.g. searching for “gift” will return results that mention “gifting” due to stemming, but searching for “gift wrap” would only return results that mention “gifting” if they contained the specific phrase “gifting wrap” - which is not a likely result)

To exclude results for stemmed suggestions, utilize the NOT function within your Keyword search. For example, "coated" NOT "coat" will return results where only "coated" is found.


Advanced Keyword Searches: Analysis & Visual Merchandising

Advanced keyword searches let you get more refined with the type of results pulling into your workbook. You can organize your keyword searches using a combination of words and symbols: 

Words: AND, OR, NOT

  • AND Function: View products or updates with multiple words: (Leather AND Suede) / (Winter AND Clearance)
  • OR Function: View products or updates with only one of two or more topics/qualities: (Cotton OR Silk) / (Christmas OR Festive)
  • NOT Function: Use NOT to eliminate topics/qualities: (Leather NOT Suede) / (Summer NOT Swim)

Note: You can also use the -Exclude bar in Analysis to eliminate certain product attributes instead of a NOT statement.

Symbols: ( ), " "

  • Quotations: Use to search for a total phrase, or anything that includes more than 2 words. Searching a phrase in quotations will only return results in which the phrase appears in full and exactly as written inside the quotes. 
    • Ex: "Faux Suede", "Hello Kitty"
  • Brackets: Use to search for multiple qualities within a product or certain words/phrases together in the same Visual Merchandising update
    • Ex: (Ruched AND "Puff Sleeve"), (Sale AND "Black Friday")

      Note: if you search a phrase with or without brackets, but do not put the phrase in quotations, the words will be searched independently in the same product/update but not necessarily as one complete phrase in order. For example, searching (thin strap) is the same as searching (thin AND strap), but is not the same as "thin strap"

These words can also be used in combination to include multiple variations on advanced keywords. The keyword search function follows the order of operations, therefore anything in brackets will be addressed first, then combined with the term outside of the brackets.

For example, if you would like to search for khaki pants that are either labeled 'loose' or 'baggy,' the keyword search would look like this:

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 3.46.49 PM

Using Advanced Keyword Searches for Fabrication Analysis:

EDITED will pick up words mentioned within the product name, description and care. When looking for specific fabrications within your workbooks you can utilize keywords and advanced search techniques to narrow your workbook down as much as possible. It is important to keep in mind that we reflect the product exactly how a retailer shows it on their product pages. 
Another key point to consider is that different retailers often use different language to describe their products. 

To get the best from your analysis, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the language and different terms that your chosen retailers use to describe their products. 
You can then incorporate these into your Advanced multi keyword search. Using the “OR” function will allow you to view products with only one of two or more qualities in order to capture as many products as possible in your workbook. - Ex. (PU OR “faux leather” OR polyurethane)

Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 12.58.13 PM
- Ex (Toweling OR “Terry cloth” OR Terry)

Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 12.58.48 PM

You can also use your fabrication knowledge to surface any synonymous terminology that retailers may be using to describe their products. IE (Woven OR “non stretch”)

Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 12.59.21 PM


Other Keyword Searches: 

Use the below formats in Analysis within the include/exclude filters to identify products with terms found in specific areas of a product page: 

Brand Brand:Brooks AND watch
Gender Gender:unisex
Category Category:croptop AND boxing