Tracking Retailers Websites by Brand

A small selection of retailers within EDITED are tracked on a brand level rather than tracking all products found on the retailer's website. This solution is used to ensure we can attain the highest level of accuracy when tracking very large and complex websites. 

There are two different methods we use when tracking a retailer's site by brand. Please see below for details regarding both of these. 


One tracker with a restricted brand list:

This approach is used when tracking large retailer websites and means we only track products from a specific list of brands. Please see below for a list of retailers that are tracked in this way. To see the brands we cover for each retailer you can check this in Who and Where Analysis.

Flipkart (IN)
Myntra (IN)
Lazada (TH/SG/MY/ID/PH)
LF Mall (KR)
Ozon (RU)
Wildberries (RU/KZ/BY)
Coupang (KR)


One tracker per brand:

This is the best approach when tracking extremely large business-to-consumer retail websites. Zozo (JP) is the only retailer we track in this way currently within EDITED. This retailer and the specific brand trackers can be found in the retailer filter panel by searching 'Zozo - brand name'.


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via!