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Analysing by Size & Shape

You can perform analysis on Plus, Tall & Petite apparel within EDITED by using the Size & Shape filter.

Once you have created a new workbook, you will find the option to include or exclude size specific brands within the ‘Specialities’ filter on the left hand filter panel:

Here you can specify if you want to include, exclude, or exclusively look at only ‘Plus Size’ ‘Tall’ or ‘Petite’ brands. 

If you were to include only ‘Plus Size’, your workbook would return products that are by a plus size speciality brand; for example products by ‘Shein Curve + Plus’. 

Please note that this filter will not return plus size SKUs for products that are not by a speciality plus size brand. For example, a main collection product that also offers plus size SKU’s would not be included in your results when using the Specialities > Size & Shape filter.

If you wanted to analyse a wider assortment of plus size products (ie. main collection products that also have plus size offerings) then we would recommend utilising the keywords filter.

By doing this, you can refine your criteria by choosing to include plus size terminology that retailers may use to describe the product in the Name, Description & Care details that are tracked by EDITED. Knowledge of your market and competitive set are key here as these terms can differ across retailers and regions. The same applies to Tall and Petite fits.

Below you will find a link to an example workbook that is filtered by typical plus size terminology:

Plus Size Keyword Example Workbook

Please feel free to use this as a beginning template and save the workbook onto your own account, adjusting the filters to suit your own criteria.

For information on alternative ways that you can filter products by size, read our Filter by Age and Size article.

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Please reach out to the support team by emailing support@edited.com if you have any further questions