The number of products with an Advertised Discount is different to the number of products with a Discount. Why is this?

Sometimes a retailer will reduce the price of a product without telling customers. This might be to realign prices strategically in the market or it could be an indicator of a product that isn’t performing very well.  We call this a Non Advertised Discount. If you want to see these products, use the Price & Status filter to select products that are discounted with No Advertised Discount.  Check out this template workbook. This might lead to the number of Discounted products in your workbook being higher than the number of products with an Advertised Discount.

Sometimes a retailer will introduce products on their e-commerce site that EDITED have never tracked at Full Price. This means that they will be advertising a discount but EDITED has never actually tracked the price dropping.  Check out this template workbook that will show you how to find products that have an Advertised Discount. 


For more on the difference between discounts & advertised discounts, click HERE.