Reading the DynamicView Analysis tab


The Analysis configuration tab provides the ability to display links to either a DynamicAction platform report (i.e. Bookmarks) or an external report or web page (i.e. External Links) in the corresponding Analysis tab available in the DynamicView sidebar when analyzing an individual product. Any DynamicAction platform Bookmarks that have been saved by or shared with a DynamicView user can be added. Similarly, any External Links created in DynamicView by any user can be added to the Analysis tab.

DV Analysis Config

The DynamicView standard bookmark links include:

  1. Customer Frequency Segments (DV)
  2. Customer Profitability Segments (DV)
  3. SKU Performance & Stock (DV)
  4. Promotional Influence (DV)
  5. Inventory Locations (DV)
  6. Marketing Channels (DV)
  7. Shipping Regions (DV)
  8. Selling Location Type (DV)

External Links

To extend DynamicView’s ability to directly link to other solutions for additional product level or general analysis, a new External Links feature has been developed that provides an ability to link to a third party reporting solution URL and pass a product ID value (if desired and supported by the third party solution) for additional filtering or use. For example, if a Tableau Online report has been created that contains a key product level analysis, you can link to that report and filter it by the ID of a product that caught your attention in DynamicView.