Order Waterfall

The Order Waterfall provides a visual deconstruction of the order process and ultimately calculates Net Order Value.  Focusing on Placed Order Value, you can look left to understand what the order value could have been if no markdowns or promotions were applied.  Moving right from Placed Order Value, we understand all of the downstream impacts (declines, cancellations, held shipments, returns, etc.) on the value of the order.  As a result, users can track poor net sales performance back to a variety of factors including returns or a spike in held orders that have not shipped.

Metric Boxes:  Red and Green metric percentages indicate change compared to Period B. You may then drill-down to diagnose the situation and learn what actions they should take as a result.

Waterfall Chart: Red and Green bars indicate additions and subtractions to order value.

Hovers: You may hover over the Placed Order Value and/or Held Order Value Not Shipped bars to view a distribution of orders by type (In Stock Orders, BackOrders, Pre-Orders or Vendor Shipped Orders).

Product Tour: Order Waterfall