Order Affinities

Basket Analysis

The Order Affinities screen offers a more granular look at the Affinities data. This screen offers a table of the top 1000 items. Again, by default both primary and affinity fields are product category 1 and 2, and the same basic functionality appears here as on the Affinities Overview. There are a few unique features of the Order Affinities.

The Advanced menu is still here and serves the same purpose (1), allowing you to create a custom version of this screen. However, there is an additional selection for metrics since there are several metrics unique to this view. Since there are up to 1000 rows in this view, you will find the familiar search box in the upper right (2). And since there are metrics unique to this view, the familiar wrench icon is available in the tools area once again. In order to see the affinities for these items, click one of the rows (4). Once you do this, you will see a new pane at the bottom of the screen with the affinity metrics just as in the Overview. These are sorted on Support. To get the detail overlay, simply click on one of the rows here as shown below.

Receive affinities views via recurring email or access results via the Export API. Simply select the email icon on the toolbar and decide if you want to recieve primary or affinity table results.
  • Sample Use Case: The user wants a daily report that summarizes the number of orders, average order value and average order value (full order) across their product categories.
  • Sample Use Case: The user wants a daily report that summarizes which product categories are most commonly purchased in the same orders as items within Men > Shirts.

Recent Affinities
Recent Affinities lets you quickly return to any Affinity Overview or Order Affinity you have customized, without having to re-run the query.