Operation Opportunities

Operation Opportunity Overview
Operations opportunities are now display in a tree format similar to products and customers.  The Operations trees are delivered via 3 themes:  Shipping Status, Shipping Timing and Shipping Profit.  The Overview screen allows you to understand how each pillar impacts business and allows you to answer questions such as…

  • How many orders have we received that remain unshipped? How much revenue is attached to these?
  • How many orders have been partially shipped? For how many of those do we have full stock or no stock?
  • How many shipments were shipped late? How many were shipped 5+ days post order?
  • How many shipments delivered negative shipping profit

Operation Opportunity Trees
By clicking any of the tabs or by linking from the Overview tiles, you may navigate to a new Operations Opportunity tree.  The trees help you to visualize DynamicAction opportunity logic, navigate to your desired level of detail and quickly compare metrics across nodes.  Given the hierarchical structure, you can decide to drill down at any point.  For example, you might want to view all partially shipped orders or you may want to go down further to only those with no stock.   From any node, you may preview, download or schedule the data for export via the Export API.