Navigating DynamicAction

Identify the purpose of each area within the DynamicAction Solution

Across the left side of the interface, you will find the side navigation pane.  It will navigate users to their desired DynamicAction features.

  • MyDNA: The My DNA page is designed to become your custom launch page providing quick access to all of your favorite analyses.
  • DASHBOARDS:  This section features several Custom Dashboards organized by department/role. Default metrics and views are found within each dashboard that can be customized per user.  This section also features visuals to deconstruct Retailing Profit and the Order Process (Profit Trees and Order Waterfall).

  • OPPORTUNITIES:  This section features a summary of opportunity topics and actions as well as navigation into specific opportunity lists.  It also provides quick access to your favorite opportunities.

  • INSIGHTBOOKS: Insightbook reports deliver deep dive analyses into the behavior of your customers at a week by week behavior and at a lifetime view. It provides reports that provide insight into key areas of retail performance such as first purchase impact of products, brands and product categories, comparing relative fidelity of new customer cohorts acquired overtime, numerous customer decile analyses, and understanding how quickly customers move from first to subsequent purchases.

  • ANALYSIS:  This section features an ability to perform ad hoc dimensional analysis on Products, Customers, Marketing and more. It provides deep diagnosis of metrics including top movers, metric movement causals, de-averaged metric distributions and an understanding of which opportunities can impact positive metric change. Further, it provides a view of basket analysis to identify the combinations your customers are purchasing in their baskets.

  • TASKS:  This section helps user to turn opportunities into action.  Tasks represent work items that you or your colleagues have scheduled or completed.  Actions document the actions you have taken.

  • RECIPES: DynamicRecipes helps retailers address and optimize their merchandising sorting and customer segment targeting through automated product and customer list to your third party edge systems.

  • LEARN:  This section provides education in an easy to consume format.  You will learn what’s new. You will find a searchable and linkable user guide and glossary and you will have access to a video library with short product demonstration videos.