Customize your MyDNA Page


The My DNA page is a landing page for you to view all your favorited (starred) resources (i.e., the Metrics, Opportunities, Dashboards and Bookmarks you have marked as favorites) in one location.

My DNA has been added to the top of the left navigation menu for easy access. While the MyDNA page supports as many resources as you elect to mark as favorites, the default page view will load up to 8 metrics and up to four opportunities, dashboards and bookmarks each. To display all favorited (starred) items in any resource section, click the ‘View More’ option. Additionally, if you wish to jump to the Favorites Page for any resource, click the ‘Go to Favorites Page’ link.

Watch a short MyDNA page introduction in the video below.




My Favorite Metrics section notes:

  • Each metric name is hyperlinked providing one-click access to that metric’s detail overlay. Use this
    feature to quickly look at a metric’s data source and definition, view its trend, look up metric drivers, etc.

My Favorite Opportunities section notes:

  • Each opportunity name is hyperlinked providing one-click navigation to the corresponding Opportunity
    node page.
  • Remember that Opportunities are processed weekly, so if you’ve currently configured a non-weekly date
    range on the My DNA page, you will see a ‘requested data is not available message’. You can still
    navigate to the Opportunity node page where the calendar selection will automatically be updated to a
    week date range.

My Favorite Resources section notes:

  • If you are utilizing DynamicAction’s labeling capabilities to help organize bookmarks and dashboards, a
    filter option is provided to quickly display resources by their assigned labels.

Customizing your MyDNA Page

You can easily update favorite resource selections directly from the My DNA page. To remove a metric,
opportunity or any resource as one of your favorites, just click the star icon next to the item. You will see the icon’s color change from blue to gray to signify it has been ‘unstarred’. The next time you refresh your My DNA page view, that resources will not longer appear on the page.

To add a new favorite to your My DNA page, click on the ‘Configure Favorites’ link in the appropriate resource
section. This will open a modal dialog allowing you to add new favorite resources, remove existing favorites and to reconfigure each starred resource’s order of appearance on the My DNA page. To reorder metrics, opportunities, dashboards and / or bookmarks on the My DNA page, simply drag and drop them into a new position in the list. To remove items, click the star icons. To add new favorites, click the ‘Add New’ link to search and select new favorite resources.