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Market: Market Segment Terminology

Within the Markets filter, you will find four different market segment classifications.


Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 5.06.43 PM


EDITED classifies retailers under a specific segment by taking into account their assortment size and average price point within their home market.

For the below examples, we’ll look at US retailers with Women’s apparel, but these numbers will vary regionally when analyzing retailers in a different home market. 

  • Mass - Very Large assortment size with an average price point coinciding with the depth of available products.
    Example - Macy’s (US). Assortment: 10,740 products. Price Point: $74.57.
  • Value - Large assortment size, but paired with a lower average price point than a mass retailer.
    Example - Forever 21 (US). Assortment: 2,917 products. Price point average: $20.64.
  • Premium - Smaller assortment size than value, but larger assortment size than Luxury. Higher price point average than Value, but lower average than Luxury.
    Example - Madewell (US). Assortment: 412 products. Price point average: $74.60.
  • Luxury - Smaller assortment size than a premium retailer, but a higher average price point. Example - Gucci (US). Assortment: 106 products. Price point average: $2,517.95.