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Saving, Deleting & Managing Workbooks

Save a Workbook


Saving a workbook makes it easy to check back on the product selections you care about. 

You must also save a workbook to be able to export or share it. 

After you’ve set up filters in a workbook, save it by clicking “Save As” in the top right corner of the screen 



A pop-up will appear, prompting you to name your workbook and select which folder you'd like your workbook to live in. 



You can save multiple versions of the workbook by clicking the ‘Save As’ option. This will duplicate the workbook while leaving the original workbook unchanged. 

You can not copy and paste a workbook’s URL to replicate it. 



Delete a Workbook


  • Select the folder where your workbook is saved.
  • Hover over the lower right corner and a 'delete' button will appear. Click this to delete your workbook. 


Reorganizing Workbooks


You can reorganize your workbooks in the 'My Folders' section of Market Analytics.

  • To move workbooks to a new folder, hover over a folder and select 'Move.' 


  • Select from your list of existing folders and click Save.