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Market: How Do I Create, Delete, Rename & Share Folders?


Folders are used to organize your workbooks - making them quicker and easier to find as well as share with your team. 

How To Create A New Folder


When you first log into the Market homepage, you’ll be taken to a blank page. 


  • Start by clicking + New Folder at the bottom of the left-hand panel

  • Choose a name for your folder
  • Select whether you want the folder to be shared with everyone in your team, or to be private.
  • Click Save.


Depending on your sharing choice, your folder will now be displayed in either the My Folders or Team Folders section in the left-hand panel. Select your folder to start creating and saving workbooks in it



All workbooks must be assigned to a folder. If you click New Workbook you’ll be asked to choose a folder for your workbook. If you have yet to make any folders, you’ll be prompted to do so. 



How To Delete A Folder


Deleting a folder will also delete any workbooks saved within that folder. To avoid deleting your workbooks, be sure to move all workbooks within that folder to a different folder first. 

  • Select the three grey dots next to the name of the folder you want to delete. 
  • Select Delete to delete the folder and its contents. 

  • Select Delete in the pop-up.


How To Share A Folder


The teams feature within EDITED makes it easy to share specific folders with your team members. First, make sure you're working from the team you'd like to share a folder with. To access teams you've joined click on the down arrow in the upper left corner of your screen. 



  • To create a new folder that is shared with your team, click New Folder. You'll then have the option to share that folder with your whole team, or make it a private folder. 


  • To make a private folder a team folder, click on the three grey dots next to the name of the folder you want to share. 
  • Select Move to Team Folders to share with the current team that you’re working within, or select Transfer to Another Team to share with another team within your organization.

Once you have made a folder a Team Folder, it will be visible to everyone in your team. Your colleagues will be able to access and edit the workbooks that are saved within this folder. When they Save As on these workbooks, they will be saving down a new copy for themselves and your workbooks will remain unchanged, even if they sit within a shared team folder. 


How To Rename A Folder


  • Select the three grey dots next to the name of the folder you want to change. 
  • Select Rename


  • Type a new name for your folder and click Save.