Manage DynamicView metrics

The Metric Alias screen empowers Admins to rename metrics so they more closely align with terminology familiar to the user base. For example, your business may wish to rename “Placed Order Value” to “Demand” or “Stock Cover” to “Weeks of Supply.” Prior to renaming any metric, it is recommended that you click the Data Sources icon to review the definition and ensure that the DynamicAction definition for the metric aligns with your internal definition of the new metric name.

The Alias screen also identifies any disabled metrics. Admins may wish to disable metrics because they are unpopulated, untrustworthy, unneeded, confusing, or other. Metrics are disabled as part of a group. Any disabled metrics will be identified by a “Disabled” status and the group by which it was disabled will be shown in the “Disabled Groups” column.

The Metric Disablement Groups screen empowers Admins to disable metrics for any reason. Most metrics have dependencies on other metric calculations and thus are disabled as groups rather than individually. You may search for a specific metric to view all groups to which the metric belongs. You only need to disable one group to which it belongs to disable the metric. Once disabled, you will no longer be able view the metric in the user interface. That said, DynamicAction will continue to calculate the metric behind the scenes should you wish to re-activate it at some point.