Identify DynamicView data sources


Data sources differ for each organization, to locate the data sources for your organization, follow the below steps.

  • Navigate to the ‘Support’ page by clicking on the DynamicView extension on your browser bar
  • In the upper-right hand corner select the cog icon; click ‘Administration’
  • Choose the ‘Data Sources’ tab. The list shown will include all current data sources, Feed Name, and what type of data is being pulled from that source, Description.

Data Availability Timing
A organization’s data is received and processed on a daily basis; this serves as the source for DynamicView’s data. Daily data will be published, and therefore available to view, the day after it occurred. Example: on a Thursday afternoon, a user will be able to view Wednesday’s data (or the days before), on Friday then, the user can view Thursday’s data.

Timing will vary by organization. To receive an estimate on daily availability, please reach out to