How EDITED collects data

Here at EDITED, we collect data from over 90,000 brands and retailers across the globe.

We have trackers that search for products from retailers’ websites up to once a day, though as some websites are much bigger than others, some of our trackers can sometimes take slightly longer to collect all the data from an individual site.

Each tracker needs to be able to find multiple different data points on every single product. This includes the product name, description, care & composition, price and price changes, SKU availability, and product images. Imagine this across a site such as ASOS, which has approximately 130,000 products live on its site at a time, that’s a lot of different data points to be collecting every day! 

What makes this task so complex is not only the number of brands and retailers we track within EDITED but that there's no industry standard when it comes to website structures. This in turn means that there is no off the shelf way that we can point at a retailers’ website and return all of this data. Instead, we have to custom build trackers for all individual websites to ensure we’re capturing all of the data that we need around products. It's because of this that adding new retailers into EDITED isn't instant, and the new trackers themselves go through an extensive QA process before they're available. 

If you're searching for a retailer in EDITED and can't find it, this will likely mean we're not tracking that retailers site in that specific region. If this retailer is a necessity for your analysis, please reach out to and your dedicated Customer Success team will help with the process of requesting this retailer to be added.