Heatmap Analysis

Using Heatmap Analysis, you can create a view to understand the activity of your competitors filtered by regions, channels and keywords. The heatmap shows the number of changes made across all of the Channels (webpages, newsletters, etc) that EDITED tracks.

Select filters using the filter panel on the left most relevant to your analysis. In this example, we have selected Bershka, Boohoo, Zara and Topshop in the UK and US.



Under Period, you can select to view this data by day, week or month. In day view, each cell represents a day of the year. The darker a square is colored, the more channel updates there were on that particular day. Hover over the squares to see the date and number of changes it represents.

To analyze your retailers or regions individually, select ‘Group by’:



Adding keywords lets you analyze how and when your selected market is communicating around specific events. In this example, we are using ‘School’ as our keyword to understand when Back To School events are most communicated in the UK and US from July-September.


Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 12.50.21 PM

Please note: you can only search single keywords in Visual Merchandising, not entire phrases (i.e. "school" is fine but not "back to school").