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Filter by discounts and price changes

Within a workbook you can use the Price & Status filter to look at products that have seen changes to their price, such as discounts.

Click Price and Status to access this. 


You then have the option to look at Price Changes or Advertised Discounts.

Price Changes

Price changes are adjustments to the selling price of the products in your workbook.  



Use Price Changes to look at: 

  • All Products: see all products irrespective of price changes 
  • Discounted: see products that are currently decreased in price e.g.
  • Not discounted: see products that are not currently discounted e.g. 
  • Price increased: see products that are currently increased in price compared to the previous selling price.


It is possible to select more than one from the list, in the example below the workbook will show you products that are Not discounted or products that are Price increased. 



Advertised discounts 

Advertised discounts lets you look at products that feature a previously sold at price or a percentage discount that is visible to the customer, on the retailer’s website, regardless of whether EDITED has ever seen the product sold at that price. 



Use advertised discounts to look at:

  • All Products: see all products irrespective of advertised discount.
  • Advertised discounted: see products that feature an advertised discount.

In the example below (shown here on EDITED and on the retailer site) we can see this product is marked as "Was £32.00, Now £15.00"

EDITED has never seen the product at £32, but this has been picked up as the Advertised previous price, and the Advertised discount has been calculated as 54.5%.



If a product was previously advertised as discounted but is not currently e.g. if it was part of an offer or promotion, it will not show if you apply the Advertised Discount filter, but this will be shown under Advertised Pricing History on the product page: 



In this example (shown below on EDITED and on the retailer site) we can see this product is marked as "30% off"

EDITED has seen the product previously at £180, so this product is Discounted within EDITED. 

EDITED has also tracked the fact it has been advertised as discounted, with £180 as the advertised previous price, and 30% the advertised discount.

  • No advertised discount: see products that do not feature an advertised discount. Remember that a product that has no advertised discount can still be discounted, price increased or not discounted e.g. shown here on EDITED and the retailer site, we can see the product has seen it's price decreased by £30.47 in EDITED (from £332.89 to £304.45), but this is not visible to customers on the retailer site. 


To see products like this select Price Changes> Discounted and Advertised discount>No advertised discount