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Export to Excel

In order to export data from Market Analytics to Excel first ensure your workbook is saved. See  here for information on how to do this.

You can export your workbook from multiple pages within EDITED once your workbook is Saved. You'll find the Export button on the Product page, Assortment, Price ArchitectureOptions, Top Words, Who & Where, Strategy, Price IndexHistory, Price Over Time and Discount Over Time charts.


Product list: A list of up to 2,000 products will be emailed to your EDITED login email in Excel format. This will include information about the first 2,000 products in your workbook e.g. name, current price, date first seen, discount percentage and more. The 2,000 products will be ranked from newest to oldest.

Tip: If your workbook contains more than 2,000 products try narrowing this down using the filters in the control panel e.g. look at one retailer at a time.

Product list (Including Images): This will be the same as above but will also include product images within the export.

If the thumbnail that pulls through when exporting a workbook is not a clear representation of the product, you can return to the product card by clicking the hyperlinked product name in your export to select your preferred image.


product name click


By clicking the link in column 2 of your export, you can also enlarge the image to a high resolution, scalable version that you can save down for use in other reports.


image link click


Pricing & Product Analysis: Price ArchitectureOptions, Top Words, Strategy, Price Index - The data from the chart in Analysis > Pricing will be emailed to you in Excel format. The Options will be exported in the price interval that you have set. If you have not set a price interval, the default is $20.



Time Analysis: History, Price Over Time, Discount Over Time - The data from the charts in Analysis > History, Price Over Time or Discount Over Time will be emailed to you in Excel format.