DynamicView metrics for Site Merchants

  • Get daily read out of Key merchandising Site Zones – are they behaving as expected?
  • Obtain early view of new product performance
  • Compare product performance vs a prior period, a target or LY ( Target is not common at Product Level )
  • Identify possible candidates for promotional/ pricing activity
  • Analyze results of recent pricing, exposure or stock availability actions

Role User Story Goal Primary Metric Secondary Metric Secondary Metric Secondary Metric
Site Merchandiser

How is a new range/ brand/ collaboration performing ( New Arrivals )?

Maximize profits on winners and shift early to sell-through on losers

Case Study: price increase of 5% on successful line (Action Impact)

Case Study: 30M in lost demand captured by chasing into inventory of best sellers early

Demand Conversions Product Views SKU Availability %
Site Merchandizer

Expedite clearing product and maximizing margin on overstock product through Category and Sales pages

Maximize sell margins on seasonal stock

Case Study: 5% of demand redirected to overstock products

Demand Profit/View Views Availability % Stock Cover (4 wks)
Site Merchandiser Which Products are driving demand ? Identify best sellers Demand Conversion Units Sold Views Availability %/ SKU Availability%
Site Merchandiser Are we driving traffic to profitable products? Determine ROI of marketing activity Product Views Product Profit Profit/View Product Margin %
Site Merchandiser Do we have enough stock of products featured in Category, Lifestyle, Promo, etc. pages to support sales Ensure availability of key products

Stock Units

Stock Cover (4 weeks)

Conversion/ Units Sold

Units on Order

Site Merchandiser Which products are low converting with High Views Identify potential problem products to be addressed in/ pre season Conversion

Product/ Internally Sourced/ Externally Sourced Views

Views Availability %

Customer Ratings/ Return Rate

Site Merchandiser Which products are high converting with Low Views Identify opportunities to potentialize sales by increasing traffic Conversion

Product/ Internally Sourced/ Externally Sourced Views

Units Sold

Stock Cover (4 weeks)

Site Merchandiser Was the promotional activity undertaken effective at driving additional sales** Establish productivity & profitability of promos

Units Sold

Promo Discount %

Promotion Cost

Product Margin

Site Merchandiser BURY products that have sold though stock and BOOST high converting products in stockon Category Pages, Landing pages and promos Maximize demand capture and profit contributionCase study: 5-10% increase in demand Demand/Gross Margin Conversion Product Views Stock Cover (4wks)