DynamicAction Data sources

The Data Sources screen summarizes all of the data feeds that DynamicAction supports as part of its standard data dictionary.  The “Feed Name Alias” field gives admins an opportunity to rename the feed to something more meaningful to the rest of the organization.  The “Provided” field is set by DynamicAction as an indicator of whether or not the feed is being provided by the Client.  The “Description” field summarizes the feed, but can again be edited by admins to offer more context to users.  The “Notes” field is intended to capture any important details about the feed.  For example, it might explain fields not provided or it may explain key assumptions that were made during implementation.  Double click the fields to edit them.

Data Sources

Please Note: Beyond historical imports at the overall metric level, you  have the opportunity to import historical metrics at the Product Category, Brand, Site, Marketing Channel, Ship Country and Region levels.  For example, if you are a client with less than 1 year of processed data, you may wish to import sales values by Product Category for last year’s data to allow for year over year comparisons.  To facilitate this import, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Implementation Manager to gather the data feed requirements.