Application Header

(1) Channel Selector: If you have OmniChannel the drop down allows you to toggle to other channels (Web, Store, Omnichannel) to which your username has access without having to re-authenticate.

(2)  Filters: The Global Filters button allows you to select a recently used filter or create a new one.  Global filters persist from screen to screen unless removed.

(3) Search Bar: Helps users quickly locate and directly navigate to key elements by scanning elements like dashboards, bookmarks, fields, and metrics to both present  information about a result in the search dialog and provide direct links to                  relevant pages or reports.

(4) Calendar: The Calendar allows you to set your date range, primary comparison period and secondary comparison periods.

(5) Alerts: Notifications on the header bar, indicate that an alert was triggered because it contained items matching the alert criteria.

(6) Notifications: The notifications icon links you to system notifications posted by administrators or DynamicAction representatives.  If you see a purple circle with a number inside, it is communicating that you have unread notifications.

(7) Administration: The Settings icon provides access to the Administration menu.