Analysis: Using Product Matching

*Note: If your account’s version of EDITED does not display the ‘Product Matching’ vertical in the control panel, please refer to the pages How to view matching products within a product card and How to use advanced product matching analysis within Lists. If you’re interested in accessing this feature, please reach out to your Account Manager, or email for more information.   


Product Matching allows you to view a particular product catalog and match key products using our machine learning model. This AI model looks at both text and images to fetch the best results for suggested matches. 


If Product Matching is enabled within your subscription, you will see an option in your side panel for the Product Matching interface.


Clicking here will take you to the Product Catalog - this is a list of your own products, set up by EDITED. This catalog functions as a workbook, updating with live data as we track and process products. 


Filtering within the Product Catalog works the same way as in Market Analytics. Use the filter panel to drill down to key styles, best sellers, or specific product categories. 



To begin matching, click “Review Product” next to the individual product you’d like to use as your base. 



The Product Matching model will then provide a list of products it feels might be a suitable match to the base product in the “AI Suggested” tab. 



By clicking the buttons at the base of each product image, you can manually approve or reject a match, which will move them into the corresponding tabs.



Approved products then generate metrics, displayed in the left side bar. These include the average price of the matches at competitors and how this compares to the base product, as well as discounting information and SKU availability.


You can change the view in these tabs from product card to table format to easily compare metrics and product attributes. 



To quickly navigate to the next product, click the arrow buttons at the top of the page to jump to the next product in the catalog. 



Clicking “Done” will return you to the catalog where you will see all the metrics from matches you have done alongside the base product. 



You can customize columns and sort on match metrics in this table view using the drop down at the top of the catalog.These can then be exported to view in a Excel/CSV file.



Once these matches have been approved they will persist once the app is closed and will then be visible to the other users in your Team who visit the Product Matching section.