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Analysis: Using Options

To view Options click Analysis and select Options:


Options shows the breakdown of products by price point intervals. The bubbles indicate the number of products available at each price point. 

You can use EDITED's Chart Controls to alter how the information is presented using the buttons at the top of your workbook. 



Use the ' Group By' and 'Split On' drop downs to see your data by-

  • Aggregate: see all the products in your workbook represented
  • Region: see the data by each region selected in your workbook
  • Segment: see the data per market segment selected in your workbook
  • Retailer (R): see the data per retailer selected in your workbook
  • Brand (B): see the data grouped by the brands selected in your workbook
  • Gender: see the data per gender selected in your workbook
  • Category: see the data per category selected in your workbook
  • Product Details: see the data per product detail selected in your workbook
  • Keywords: see the data per keyword grouping in your workbook
  • Patterns: see the data per pattern selected in your workbook
  • New In: see the data on new in products in your workbook per time frame selected
  • First Sell Out: see the data on first sell out of products in your workbook per time frame selected
  • First Discounted: see the data on first discount of products in your workbook per time frame selected
  • In Stock: see the data on in stock products in your workbook per time frame selected


In the video below, the data is being grouped by retailer and split on the categories selected -


Each interval will include products from the lowest price in that bracket, up to .99 of the price before the highest value of that bracket. For example, if your intervals are set to £20, then all products with prices between £0 and £19.99 will fall within this bracket. Products that are £20 will fall in the price point above, £20-£40.


Click on the numbers in the chart to see the products at that price point. You'll also see a pop-over explaining what that bubble represents.



You can customise the charts further by using the additional chart controls at the top of your workbook:


Set the scale of the bubble chart by selecting this from the drop down menu. The chart above is scaled per Retailer, meaning that the size of the bubbles is scaled at each retailer individually rather than across all.

Switching between products and options changes the units counted. Selecting products will show the number of unique items on the market at each price point, whereas options shows the number of variations (e.g. colors/patterns) at each price point.

When looking at Brands within a Retailer use the "Show totals" button to see totals across each price interval.

Clicking the “group empty brackets” button removes rows of price points where no products are present. Check out the video below to see how this changes your results - 



You can also choose to Export the options chart into a csv. format. Save your workbook, and select the blue Export button. The following message will appear, and the csv. will be sent directly to your email address.


What to do when you receive an error message:


The Options chart will load a maximum of 5,000 price buckets at a time. If the price range in your workbook is very large, you may see a popup message alerting you that some of the highest priced options have been removed.



EDITED will then recommend a price interval to set at the top of your chart controls so that all options are able to populate at once.



In some cases, there may be an outlier high price pulling through and impacting the price range. You can check the exit price in your assortment (aka the highest price) by switching over to the Architecture chart. From here, you can click into the product card of the high-priced product and use the EDITED Option ID to exclude this product from your workbook using the Keywords filter.


If you spot any prices that appear to be incorrect, please contact support@edited.com.