Administration Menu

The Administration Menu facilitates access to administration and support features within the application.  On click of your name in the application header, you will find the following choices.

  1. My Profile: Provides access to view or edit your personal profile information.
  2. Notifications: Provides access to view or manage (only if you have access rights) notifications.
  3. Bookmarks: Provides access to click or manage your bookmarks.
  4. Scheduled Email: Provides access to manage recurring emails and subscriptions.
  5. Scheduled Exports (API): Provides access to manage recurring exports and schedule standard exports.
  6. Administration: Provides access to manage (only if you have access rights) Users, Access Groups, Access roles, Opportunities, Data Sources and Attributes.
  7. Support: Provides access to support content (e.g. user guide, glossary, data source documentation), support contacts (e.g. Practice Manager, Technical Support, Product Management) and Product Tour videos.
  8. Log Out:  Logs you out of the application.