Add a Template to Your Team

A template is a saved set of filters, that you can use to quickly create your own workbooks based on a pre-existing template. For example, you might create templates based on certain markets, categories, specific meetings or competitive analysis projects. 

You can create templates and save these down to your teams folder so that anyone on your team can access it and then create workbooks based on this template. 

To add a new template to your team, click into your team in the drop down bar in the top right, and then select Team Settings from the right menu. 

Navigate to Templates and click on New Template

Create a workbook or analysis view that you'd like to standardize for your team.


Once you've finalized the workbook, hit save in the upper right hand corner of your screen, and select a name for your template and add a description. 

Once you have named and saved your template, you will find it listed under the Templates section of the Team Settings menu. 



To access this template within your workbooks, click into the Market Analytics tab and select the arrow button next to the "New Blank Workbook" button. You will see the template appear as a drop down. Select it, and you will be directed to the corresponding workbook / analysis view.