Access Keys

Access Keys are required to use the Export API. These keys are used for authentication by whatever entity is accessing the API. Create a unique access key for each entity using one or more scheduled export. The entity will only have access to the exports that are associated with their key. To generate a new access key, click Create Access Key. A window will pop up and prompt you for a name for the key. This name is what will appear elsewhere when you assign an export to a key, so it should be something meaningful such as the vendor or recipient name.

Click Generate Access Key. You will be shown a key value that you can copy to a clipboard and into email.

Note:  For security reasons, this is the only time you will see this value. Be sure to make a note of it. If it is lost, a new key will need to be generated.

You will receive another warning when you attempt to close, reminding you to make a note of that key!

From the Access Keys screen, you can also see export activity associated with a key, edit (change the name or generate a new key for the same name), or delete a key.